Dental crowns in Turkey

Oral health is very important as it affects the health of the whole body and the aesthetic appearance of the person. Some people who have problems with their teeth or gums may be embarrassed to smile in public. Thus, it forms psychological problems, which often manifest as a lack of self-confidence.

When oral health problems occur, the treatment methods can be different. A dental crown is one treatment option. People with healthy teeth can also use this method to achieve an aesthetic smile.

The crown is made individually for each person, subject to the dentist’s approval. The overall goal of the application is aesthetic. The advice of our experienced dentists can help you achieve more attractive and beautiful teeth. You can contact us 24/7 for more information.

What is a ceramic crown?

A ceramic crown is a material made of porcelain and ceramic. It has a solid structure and a shiny appearance.

These crowns do not contain any metallic substances, which makes it safe for people with metal allergies. It is a white material. This material is used to make crowns for the outer surface of teeth.

In addition to being used for both anterior and posterior teeth, it can be used in one piece when used on the posterior surface of teeth. The material has the following characteristics:

  • It is translucent. By allowing a certain amount of light to pass through it, it strongly resembles natural teeth.
  • Highly resistant to oxidation.
  • Resistant to cracking and fracture.
  • Has a rigid structure.
  • Has a natural appearance.
  • Crowns are chosen by patients who want to have white teeth.

What are the advantages of dental crowns?

Dental crowns are one of the most popular treatments for patients. Its advantages are as follows:

  • The structure is easy to modify to achieve the desired shape.
  • Easy to discolor if discoloration occurs.
  • It looks natural. Therefore, they cannot be distinguished from natural teeth.
  • Does not contain metals.
  • Very durable and can be stored safely for years.
  • Resistant to cold and hot foods and beverages, and has no sensitivity.

The decision to use a dental crown is made by the dentist. If the patient has too many missing teeth or too many adjacent teeth, crowns are not suitable.

Where to get dental treatments in Turkey?

Turkey has become an extremely popular location for getting dental crowns as the country is famous for affordable dental operations. Periodonta, located in Bakirkoy has become a favorite of people all over the world traveling for dental crown treatments. If you are looking for dental crowns in Turkey, you might give them a visit. They are known for their extreme affordability and quality operations. We’re sure you won’t be dissatisfied with what you receive.

How is a crown treatment performed?

The process of making a dental crown depends on the patient. It usually takes 7 to 9 days and can vary depending on the number of crowns needed.

A local anesthetic is applied before the procedure begins. The teeth are then ground and measured. Temporary and permanent teeth are then fabricated to meet the patient’s individual needs.

Since the dental crowns are made individually for each patient, any necessary adjustments are made. If the patient is not satisfied with the appearance of the crown, the necessary adjustments are made. Once the appropriate crowns are fabricated, they are cemented to the tooth.

If the dentist’s recommendations are followed after the crown is placed, the staining of the crown will be reduced. In case of future stains, a tooth whitening treatment can be used.