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    Celebrate in Faerieland

    It is within a forest of unicorns, faeries, dragons and mermaids that Tea Parties with the faeries take place.

    Beneath a hanging garden strung with garlands of faerie lights you can hear tiny teacups clinking as you nibble on a delicate faerie feast. Eyes will shine at the sight of a glimmering birthday cake and little hands will hold treasure gleaming with magic from the home of the faeries.

    When it is time to go home feet will patter and voices will chatter about the magical prizes they get to take home from the faerie forest out to the bright light of Human Land once more.

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    What to expect

    The Faerie Shop offers a magical Faerie Tea Party experience.

    The parties are are fully catered and hosted, which allows a magical celebration for the birthday child and a hassle-free and ‘no-mess’ party experience for the party family. Our parties run for an hour and a half and cater for a maximum of 10 children.

    They include stories, sparkles, wishes, games (with prizes), a magical faerie feast that includes an exquisite birthday cake, rosy tea and tea cup biscuits.

    Each child also receives a beautiful gift bag. Our parties come with a Faerie Shop branded invitation in PDF format ready to print at home.

    We are able to cater for a range of allergies and encourage party families to discuss dietary requirements and restrictions in designing the perfect party experience.

    Cost is $360 for 8 children, including the birthday child, and $15 for per child thereafter ($390 for a maximum of 10).

    All of our party hosts are highly trained staff who have Working with Children certifications. Because of the high demand for our beautiful Faerie Tea Parties, a $100 deposit is required at the time of booking.


“Thank you so much for making Lucy’s day perfect.
Great stories, great fun, and great food.
My little fairy was tickled pink with her tea party and so were her friends.”

Star Leone Heddle

“Yesterday we had my daughter Milly’s birthday party at the faerie shop and it was so fantastic. We were so impressed with the faeries and the awesome party they made for Mil. She has woken up today and is still talking about it! Thank you so much!

Star Shaun Groves (9/4/2017)

  • What days do you offer parties?

    At present we offer one party spot on Friday afternoons, and up to 3 on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Can I have more than ten children?

    Unfortunately, due to the size of the party space, it is not possible to cater for more than ten children.

  • Can boys attend?

    Yes, parties are enjoyed by both boys and girls.

  • Do you deliver parties for boys?

    Yes, parties can be customised for boys.  Please make contact with our store to discuss further.

  • Can I bring my own food/cake?

    As the faerie feast is an integral party of the tea part experience, and for reasons of insurance, it is not possible for party families to bring their own food.  Our cakes are made by a commercial bakery.

  • What allergies do you cater for?

    We can cater for nuts, eggs, lactose and gluten, and for combinations of these.  We are also happy to discuss all allergies and dietary requirements at the time of party enquiry and booking.

  • How do you cater for allergies?

    We have pre-designed menus for different types of allergies, and will actively engage with the party family and/or the families of party guest to address allergy and dietary requirements.

  • Do I have a choice of cake?

    The party includes a gorgeous faerie house cake.  The birthday child has the opportunity to choose the flavour of the cake, their favourite colours (except for black and metallic colours) and whether cake has fondant or butter cream icing.

  • What should my child wear?

    There are no specific dress requirements, but birthday children and their guests are encouraged to help celebrate the special occasion by dressing as their favourite magical creature.  Some come as faeries, mermaids, dragons,  and pixies.

  • Can party guests bring presents?

    Yes, although in some instances the party family asks this not to occur.  If presents are provided, we will remove the wrappings and other packaging.  We do, however, encourage families to bring something like a washing basket to help transport the presents after the party.

  • Can I take photographs?

    Yes, photography is welcomed but not to the extent that it interferes with the delivery of the party.

  • Who can stay for the party?

    Because of space restrictions, we ask that only the family of the birthday child remains for the duration of the party.  Party guests are normally dropped off to the store a short time before the party and collected at the end.

  • Where can I park?

    Free parking is available at The Margate Train.