Faerie Bluebelle

Faerie Bluebelle is a flower faerie who lives in the cosy cup of a bluebelle flower in Faerieland. When she comes to Humanland she visits all the gardens and cares for the plants. Her favourite food is blueberries, and she loves drinking blueberry tea. Faerie Bluebelle loves helping to hatch dragon eggs during her free time. Her best friend is Blue Mist; a sapphire blue dragon. She rides around on Blue Mist as he blows out water and clouds to help water all the plants in Faerieland. One of her favourite treasures is a statue of blue mist the dragon when he hatched!

Faerie Jewel

Faerie Jewel is a sparkle faerie and lives in a tiny cottage on a hill in the middle of Faerie Land.

One of her favourite activities is to create beautiful sparkles so that all her faerie friends can help make the world a more sparkly place.

Faerie Jewel loves to make new friends, share stories with all the little human children who visit her at The Faerie Shop , as well as teach Faerie ballet to the baby pixies in her spare time.

Faerie Sunbeam

Faerie Sunbeam is a bubbly and bright Sunshine Faerie whose adores helping people sparkle on the outside and feel warm on the inside.

Faerie Sunbeam loves dancing and enjoys organising magnificent faerie balls where all the faeries twinkle throughout the day.

Faerie Starlight

Faerie Cloverbelle

Faerie Rose Petal

Faerie Amethyst

Faerie Amethyst is a crystal faerie. One of her favourite “tasks” in Faerieland to help the Faerie Queen make lots and lots crystals for all of the beautiful faeries!

Faerie Amethyst loves to collect different types of crystals; and harness the special powers from each. Did you know; a diamond can be used to help give you courage and bravery!

Faerie Sea Sparkle

Faerie Sea Sparkle is a water faerie. She spends her time making sure that the water stays beautiful and blue for all the faeries, mermaids and other magical sea creatures.

Some of her favourite things to do are collecting shells on the beach, playing hide and seek with the mermaids and swimming to magical places in the depths of the sea.

Faerie Raindrop

Faerie Raindrop is a water faerie whose favourite past time is to make rain fall by flying up to the biggest and fluffiest clouds in the sky and bouncing on them (like a trampoline)!

Faerie Raindrops favourite colour is the blue of the ocean, and she wears a necklace made from enchanted raindrops. Her best friends are the mermaids, and she can often be found by the sea helping them comb the tangles out of their beautiful long hair. She loves to dance through waterfalls to the music the drops make, and playing in splashy puddles.

Faerie Iris

Faerie Iris is a flower faerie who loves the spring time when the flowers start to bloom and show their beauty.

She loves playing with the other faeries in Faerieland she especially likes to play hide and seek!

Faerie Primrose

Faerie Primrose is a flower faerie who lives in a small mushroom house in one of the magical faerieland gardens. My absolute favourite thing to do is to water and care for all the flowers, especially in spring time so they grow big and beautiful.

Faerie Violet

Faerie Violet is a happy and giggly rainbow faerie who adores flying up into the clouds to paint big, colourful rainbows across the sky.

She lives at the very bottom of a rainbow so, if you ever reach the end of one, you might be able to find her home. Although rainbows can be very hard to catch because they’re always running away!

In her spare time, she loves playing hide and seek with mermaids and singing her favourite faerie ballads.

Faerie Gossamer

Faerie Gossamer is a cloud faerie and lives high up in the tallest fluffiest clouds of Faerieland. She loves to bounce from one fluffy cloud to another and mould the clouds into special shapes. Her favourite time of day is at sunset, when she gets to paint the clouds dreamy pinks and oranges.