Ferie Luna

Faerie Luna in a sweet, bubbly rainbow faerie who loves to make new friends in the human and faerie worlds. She enjoys creating smiles through magic and dancing, and always has her special faerie sparkles to help create magic where she can. When she isn’t flying around with the other faeries she’s making the most beautiful rainbows in the sky!

Faerie Dawn

Faerie Dawn is a bright and bubbly sun faerie. She lives in a sparkly white and gold bubble on a cloud in faerie-land. She loves to dance and prance across the skies creating colourful sunrises and sunsets for all her human friends. She has a pet pegasus named Dusk who is yellow with a pink mane and tail. Faerie Dawn is very adventurous and loves to go hiking up the tallest mountains and go diving in the deepest seas. One of her favourite games is to play hide-and-seek with the mermaids. What fun!

Faerie Melody

Faerie Melody is a bubbly music faerie who loves to share her passion for music with others. She spends her days out and about, giggling and smiling, leaping between flower petals and humming her favourite tunes. She is known as the musical heart of faerie-land, dancing with the stars, finding beats amongst the trees, and singing with all of the animals and magical creatures of the land. Faerie Melody absolutely adores creating music for all of faerie-land to hear but out of everything she gets to do, her most favourite thing to do is to share her love of music with all the children she comes across during her adventures in human-land.

Faerie Sugarplum

Faerie Sugarplum is a whimsical forest faerie who adores caring for all the animals and plants in faerie-land. She lives at the bottom of a magical oak tree in a fabulous faerie forest with her pet bumble bee, Zip. Everyday, Faerie Sugarplum loves playing hide and seek with the forest creatures, caring for the baby plants and animals, but most of all, she loves making Sugarplum stew for all her faerie friends!

Faerie Sweet Willow

Faerie Sweet Willow is a forest faerie who loves to take care of all of the magical creatures and furry friends who live near her in faerie-land. She spends her days in the lush forests of faerie-land, amongst the singing birds and the swaying trees, playing games with all her friends. Sweet Willow’s favourite time of year is autumn, when the forest is filled with red, orange and yellow leaves that are so beautiful. But above all, her most favourite thing to do is spend time with her friends from human-land on their visits to The Faerie Shop!

Faerie Aurora

Faerie Aurora is a friendly and cheerful cloud faerie who loves to paint beautiful sunsets and dance on the clouds! She lives in one of the fluffiest clouds in faerie-land, and spends her time playing with her Dragon and Butterfly friends!

Faerie Bluebelle

Faerie Bluebelle is a flower faerie who lives in the cosy cup of a bluebelle flower in faerie-land. When she comes to human-land she visits all the gardens and cares for the plants. Her favourite food is blueberries, and she loves drinking blueberry tea. Faerie Bluebelle loves helping to hatch dragon eggs during her free time. Her best friend is Blue Mist; a sapphire blue dragon. She rides around on Blue Mist as he blows out water and clouds to help water all the plants in faerie-land. One of her favourite treasures is a statue of blue mist the dragon when he hatched!

Faerie Jewel

Faerie Jewel is a sparkle faerie and lives in a tiny cottage on a hill in the middle of faerie-land.

One of her favourite activities is to create beautiful sparkles so that all her faerie friends can help make the world a more sparkly place.

Faerie Jewel loves to make new friends, share stories with all the little human children who visit her at The Faerie Shop , as well as teach Faerie ballet to the baby pixies in her spare time.

Faerie Rose Petal

Faerie Rose Petal is a flower faerie who lives amongst the roses in one of the most magical gardens in faerie-land. Her favourite colour is rose pink. Faerie Rose Petal’s job is to water and feed every rose in the faerie-land gardens. She loves to twirl amongst the flowers in her magical dancing shoes given to her by the faerie queen whilst practising for the faerie balls!

Faerie Sea Sparkle

Faerie Sea Sparkle is a water faerie. She spends her time making sure that the water stays beautiful and blue for all the faeries, mermaids and other magical sea creatures.

Some of her favourite things to do are collecting shells on the beach, playing hide and seek with the mermaids and swimming to magical places in the depths of the sea.

Faerie Primrose

Faerie Primrose is a flower faerie who lives in a small mushroom house in one of the magical faerie-land gardens. Her absolute favourite thing to do is to water and care for all the flowers, especially in spring time so they grow big and beautiful.