Journey To Magical Realms

Enchanting tales full of awe and wonderment

Sitting on stars, surrounded by mystical creatures you can paint a rainbow across the Faerieland sky, watch snowflakes swirl around a dragons wing and explore cloud palaces from the back of a pegasus.  In between these tales of wonder put your ear up to a shining shell where you will hear the mermaids singing, gaze into sparkling crystals to see glimpses of Faerieland and hold beautiful bracelets filled with starlight.

At The Faerie Shop a faerie flutters by every Saturday to share the magic of Faerieland with everyone they meet.

Join us from 10:30am – 1:30pm to share in their sparkling, joyful adventures with stories you will never forget. Learn more about our extraordinary weavers of magical tales.


Ava loved visiting today, she was very pleased with her new faerie that will make the visiting faeries feel welcome, and she had a great time sprinkling the jewels, shells and faerie dust around her door. She also thought the faeries might like some spooky spider webs!”

Star Mel Hennessy

I came to your shop with my daughter a few weeks ago while on holiday. Just wanted to say how impressed I was with your welcome and way with the children. You said you’ve been open for a lot of years (can’t remember exactly how many) and I can’t believe after all that time you are still so enthusiastic and warm to your customers.

Star Jenny Cameron

My granddaughter loved it in there just beautiful

Star Barbara Jones