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Below the Aurora, past the mountains and hidden in the attic of Salamanca is the faerie shop, home to magic and moonbeams

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The magic is here

Discover a world where magic comes to life around you. Where dreams sparkle and shimmer in the air. Step into this world, of rainbows and wonder, and be carried away by magic.

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    welcome to a magical land

    Experience the wonder of stepping through the forest and into a shop, which sparkles with unicorns, dragons, mermaids, faeries and plenty of magical treasures.

    Imagine a faerie greeting you, her cheeks shimmering with sparkles, and offering you the chance to get lost in this new world. A world in which your own cheeks will sparkle as brightly as your childhood imagination.

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    an enchanting event for all

    Gasp as a fantastical sugar-spun cake, topped with glowing candles, emerges into a magical forest.

    Little voices bubble with delight, as magic is served on antique faerie china alongside presents, games and laughter. An enchanting party, which is born of dreams and light.

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    attend a magical gathering

    Twirl with the faeries as they teach you the dances of the seasons.

    Enjoy the sparkling, twinkling excitement of joining the faeries in creating your own Faerieland treasure. The fantastical magic of the fiery dragons, mystical mermaids, shimmering unicorns and glittering faeries is yours to take home.

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Mystical Tales

Walk with us into the faerie bower, which glitters golden with pearls and leads to the most beautiful crystal forest garden.

Flowers droop softly from the roof and every week on Saturdays the faeries flutter by to show you treasures from Faerieland and tell stories woven with magic, of all their adventures.

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Come and meet our faeries

You will flutter through flowers, forests and the stars meeting enchanting mermaid and dragon friends along the way!

  • Faerie Gossamer

    Faerie Gossamer is a cloud faerie and lives high up in the tallest fluffiest clouds of Faerieland.
  • Faerie Violet

    Faerie Violet is a happy and giggly rainbow faerie who adores flying up into the clouds to paint big, colourful rainbows across the sky.
  • Faerie Primrose

    Faerie Primrose is a flower faerie who lives in a small mushroom house in one of the magical faerieland gardens.
  • Faerie Iris

    Faerie Iris is a flower faerie who loves the spring time when the flowers start to bloom and show their beauty.
  • Faerie Raindrop

    Faerie Raindrop is a water faerie whose favourite past time is to make rain fall by flying up to the biggest and fluffiest clouds in the sky and bouncing on them (like a trampoline)!
  • Faerie Sea Sparkle

    Faerie Sea Sparkle is a water faerie. She spends her time making sure that the water stays beautiful and blue for all the faeries, mermaids and other magical sea creatures.
  • Faerie Amethyst

    Faerie Amethyst is a crystal faerie. One of her favourite "tasks" in Faerieland to help the Faerie Queen make lots and lots crystals for all of the beautiful faeries!
  • Faerie Rose Petal

  • Faerie Cloverbelle

  • Faerie Starlight

  • Faerie Sunbeam

    Faerie Sunbeam is a bubbly and bright Sunshine Faerie whose adores helping people sparkle on the outside and feel warm on the inside.
  • Faerie Jewel

    Faerie Jewel is a sparkle faerie and lives in a tiny cottage on a hill in the middle of Faerie Land.
  • Faerie Bluebelle

    Faerie Bluebelle is a flower faerie who lives in the cosy cup of a bluebelle flower in Faerieland.

Take home the magic

Our shop is full of everything you need to join our magical world

  • STAR Sitting Plush Unicon

    This soft plush unicorn is the perfect companion to any blossoming faerie. Perfect for far away adventures or cuddly nights.  Faeries love taking their unicorn friends everywhere with them and now boys and girls in humanland can do the same! Weight: 182grams Length: 39cm Width: 14cm Height (To horn): 25cm

  • Fairy Night Light

    This gorgeous Night Lights is made from beautiful Birch Plywood and and is hand painted and finished. It is powered by 2 x AA batteries, no cords, and can be hung on a wall with screws or removable adhesive strips. The light emits a soft light so that children can sleep with it on on. […]

  • Fairy Flower Blossom Starwand

    This delicate and beautiful pewter-look faerie is one of a set that is perfect for any collector of faeries or as a special gift. Her name is Blossom Starwand. She loves to dance, she comes from the gardens where the flowers bloom.

  • Fairy Flower Small Music Box (Pink)

    The Fairy Flower Jewellery Box is the perfect accompaniment to any growing faerie. Whether it be to start a jewellery collection or as a special box for all the treasures that little faeries love to collect; this musical jewellery box will be a much loved item. Weight: 309 grams Length: 11 Width:10.5  Height: 8.5